"WE" is just me and Lizzie.

I've called my business Eliza James Flowers, in memory of my auntie Betty, whom I was named after, a young nurse who died of TB in a Military Sanatorium during the Second World War. I have her scripture books and am thrilled to find little cards of flowers placed in her favourite verse.

Flowers are my passion, I need them in my life, in my home, on soft furnishings, in my garden and I feel energised being with them. My library of flower books invade almost every space at home.

Lizzie is my intern, she's brilliant. A perfect size 8, able to hold the most voluptuous of bouquets, incredibly agreeable and she sports my brand when I need her to. A quick polish with wood spray and she's good to go. Of course, we have a team of freelance florists to help out if necessary.

There are two other influences in my business... My son and my long suffering husband. My son is the designer behind my Brand (which I love) and every publication for Eliza James Flowers. My Brand is simple, discreet and classic. I'll leave the riot of colour and beauty to my flowers.